Light elegance in split levels

Nadinehus is designed by Mango & Nagel Architects as an integral part of the modern Bellakvarter in Ørestad. The bright building consists of contiguous blocks that vary slightly in height to give the whole property life and character, but the staggered levels also ensure optimal lighting conditions in all apartments.

Nadinehus surrounds a lovely green courtyard with screened terraces and a large, green lawn. The private courtyard can be reached through small passages and gates that give residents easy access to green relaxation.

When the sunlight hits Nadinehus’ bright stones, they are reflected to make the entire building light up and look elegant and luxurious. As a special detail, all balconies are lacquered in a color that matches the building’s light tiles and emphasizes the lightness of the architecture.


Open spaces with modern material choices

The 141 rental apartments are available in various sizes to match the needs of big and small families, or those who prefer single life.
Common to the apartments is the lovely light that flows in through the large, bright windows, and offers a fantastic view of the surroundings.
All apartments have one or more balconies, a private roof terrace or a terrace at ground level.

The spacious feeling is repeated in all homes, with a floor plan that provides openness and a look across the large rooms. The choice of materials matches the stringent architecture with bright details and natural floors.
The busy family with children can gather in a modern kitchen-dining room with plenty of space for presence and coziness. Even in the bathrooms you get a touch of luxury with calm, inviting colors that make it easy to decorate in a modern style.


A green paradise with an innovative garbage solution

In the middle of Nadinehus, all residents get a nice green garden with plenty of space for play, contemplation and community. The balconies and terraces ensure the residents’ opportunity for peaceful privacy, while the large, communal courtyard invites community.
In the living room, tenants get their own terrace with a shielding hedge, while other apartments have their own, private roof terrace. In addition, all residents have access to a large, shared roof terrace.

The green courtyard consists of peaceful breathing holes with trees, shrubs, ground cover and climbing plants, and in the middle is a lovely green lawn where you can enjoy the sun or play ball with the children.
Children can also play in the yard’s play area with sandpit, swing set and balance beam, while the adults gather on one of the many bench sets.
The family’s bicycles can easily be parked in the bicycle racks which are specially designed to also accommodate the ultimate family-transport: the cargo bike.

Particularly innovative is the gardens modern waste facility, which sucks the residents’ waste underground into a central waste terminal. No more smelly bins and clumsy rubbish bins that take up space in the yard.


wdt_ID Apartment no. Adress Rooms Gross area Rent per month Heat Water Status
194 30135-37 C.F. Møllers Allé 35, 3. tv. 4 98 14,500 650 350 RESERVED
202 30135-50 C.F. Møllers Allé 31, 3. th. 4 98 14,600 650 350 01-07-2024
203 30135-121 Nadine Gordimers Vej 8, 3. tv. 4 93 14,400 600 350 15-07-2024
205 30135-117 Nadine Gordimers Vej 6, 4. th. 4 92 14,500 350 350 01-07-2024